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Learning Objectives

- control system cyber security, 
- what makes it different than IT security, 
- what is missing in today's control system cyber security programs - the lack of cybersecurity in-process sensors, actuators, and drives 
- how this hole DIRECTLY affects reliability and safety, 
- actual control system cyber incidents that have caused catastrophic damage, 
- what can be done to address this 

Mr Weiss has to his credit; 
Testified to 5 Congressional Hearings 
Wrote the Book: Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats 
US Expert to IEC TC65 WG10 
Managing Director ISA67 Nuclear Plant Standards 
Managing Director ISA77 Fossil Plant Standards 
Managing Director ISA99 Automation and Control Systems Security 
Authored more than 100 articles on instrumentation, controls, and control system cyber security 35+ years in industrial instrumentation controls, and automation 

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Unique collaboration between cybersecurity and critical infrastructure.




New York, NY (February 13, 2018) -- Hack NYC 2018 (https://q22018.hacknyc.com/en/), New York City's premier cybersecurity conference focused on Critical Infrastructure has announced the full agenda for this year's event. The now published agenda includes keynote from decorated United States Army Veteran Colin Ahern who is the City of New York's Deputy Chief ISO of Cyber Command.  Ahern is reinforced by some of the most influential and trusted experts in cybersecurity including;


Josh Corman, Co-Founder of "I Am The Cavalry" a grassroots organization that is focused on issues where computer security intersect public safety and human life related to medical devices, automobiles, home electronics and public infrastructure with lead a session entitled, "The Rate at Which Technology is Changing Our World is Faster Than Our Ability to Adapt to That Change Through Our Society, Culture, and Humanity." 


Gunter Ollmann, CTO Security (Cloud & Enterprise), at Microsoft Corporation will share experiences, "Public Cloud as Critical Infrastructure: Lessons Learned and Shared." 


Greg Irwin CEO of BWG Strategy Partner, Ron Gula CEO of Gula Tech Adventures and co-founder of Tenable Network Security leads an executive a panel to discuss "Hacking for Venture Capital." Other panelists include David Campbell, CISO SendGrid; Khizar Sheikh Esq., Privacy and Data Law at Mandelbaum Salsburg;  and Phil Venables, Chief Operational Risk Officer at Goldman Sachs. 


Sounil Yu, Senior Vice President at Bank of America will discuss how to understand where we are going with cybersecurity technologies using "The Cyber Defense Matrix"


Each training session and presentation offers attendees real-world skill building on technical topics ranging from the latest hunting strategies to malware analysis and reverse engineering processes. Visit the conference website for a full list of briefings, workshops and training sessions. 

About Hack NYC 


HACK NYC 2018 is produced by the Critical Infrastructure Association of America, Inc., a non-profit association for professionals focused on protecting critical national infrastructure. Leaders in cybersecurity emergency management, and law enforcement, including: Chris Stangl, from the FBI National Security Branch, Kevin Green from the MITRE, and Tony Sager from Center for Internet Security and others that have come together with their industry compatriots to share big ideas on how we will fortify our daily life and economic vitality. 



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Call for Participation Open to New York’s Critical Infrastructure Conference




New York, NY (November 1, 2017) -- Hack NYC 2018 (www.hacknyc.com) has opened a call for training and topics to shape one of the most important conversations in cybersecurity today: Fortifying Critical National Infrastructure.  


The recent flood of data breaches has diverted our attention from systems that impact literally every industry: government, healthcare, finance, transportation, energy, law, policy.


“State-based attacks against critical infrastructure have disrupted power supply in countries like the Ukraine, and in the US companies working in energy have been under persistent attack for the past several months. The immediacy of this threat makes it even more urgent that we draw the cybersecurity communities attention,” said Khizar A. Sheikh, Esq., Chair of the cybersecurity, privacy, and data law group at Mandelbaum Salsburg, P.C. “Hack NYC offers an opportunity for agencies and companies providing vital community services to interface with the broader cybersecurity community.”


Khizar is one of over 35 professionals in cybersecurity, emergency management, and law enforcement already supporting Hack NYC. One of the only cybersecurity conferences on the East Coast, the second annual Hack NYC will be held May 7-10, 2018 at Microsoft’s Technology Center in Times Square, New York.


About Hack NYC


Hack NYC (www.hacknyc.com)  is one of the few cybersecurity conferences located in New York City and is focused on sharing big ideas to fortify our critical national infrastructure. Scheduled for May 7-10, 2018, at Microsoft's Technology Center, 11 Times Square in New York City. Hack NYC 2018 is championed by over 35 leaders in cybersecurity emergency management, and law enforcement, including: Chris Stangl, from the FBI National Security Branch, Kevin Green from the Department of Homeland Security, and Jason Witty from U.S. Bank, that have come together with their industry compatriots to share big ideas on how we will fortify our daily life and economic vitality.






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